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We can also match our stucco to any color!


We provide:

Accurate stucco color matching
Accurate stucco texture matching


Stucco provides value:
Stucco beautifies & protects
Stucco gives a brand new appearance
Stucco adds value and curb appeal
Stucco is a fast and efficient finish
Stucco helps save energy



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Did You Know You Can Create Durable
Trim & Moldings From Stucco?


At R&S Lath & Plaster we can create custom trim and moldings as well as other sculptural design elements for your project with no possibility of rot, weathering, or termite damage.
Stucco work can now include custom trim and moldings that can transform your Sacramento home or building cost effectively in a matter of days. We use standard and customized elements which are coated and hardened in stucco to add permanent durable architectural elements. We can stucco over older architectural elements made of brick, concrete or rock to add a cohesive modern look to your home's exterior.

Never Paint Again!


Stucco can now be embedded permanently with color.
With one material, you can now permanently finish and colorize your home's exterior, providing years of carefree maintenance and long-term savings. Since the color is embedded in the stucco, problems associated with paint, such as scratching, flaking, and bubbling, are a thing of the past. Your home will look new permanently. The color never fades and keeps your home looking fresh indefinitely.